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Billing for Works, Sizes and Colors in Articles.
Tactile PST .
Works Modules.
Shipment Documents by e-mail.
Made for Microsoft Windows .

Commercial administration, Accountant, Point of sale Terminal and Electronic. Ecommerce


Multibussines. Multiuser

Totally automatic installation. Configuration of the system and printers. Possibility to use several printers simultaneously. Control of the level of integrity of the information.

Quick and reliable. Totally integrated. Work in real time.

Help adapted to each situation in course.

Great handling easiness. Windows. Dialogue friendly user-machine.

Dates with 8 digits. Free of the effect year 2000.

Reduction to the maximum of processes with irreversible character.

Definition of the connections to use in the application.

Insoles of amounts in American and European format.

Nail of access for users and companies.

Configuration of the access limitation to the users' information.
Trazability. Administration and control of entrance/exists of system of obligatory trazability for the European Union.

Selective searches. Alphabetical accesses. Positionings. Selection filters.

Configuration of striped selectedand totally adjustable for fields. Optional adaptation of the impression format before each listing. Previous visualization of reports and listings.

Possibility to share files among different companies.

Alphanumeric series for the numeration of the documents.

Copies of companies.

Annual Counts and definable balances completely for the user.

Autocheck and autorestore of files. Ofimatic tools (calculator, calendar, account book,...).

Connection possibility with module of electronic trade to carry out sales through internet.


Suppliers. Identification like creditor. Retentions. Record. Quick access to statistical data and listings.

Clients. Fiscal control, of shipment and freed turn. Classification for families (types of purchases, areas, volume, etc.). Record. E-mail.

Sale routes. Payment forms. Populations. Counties. Works. Groups of billing.

Agents or representatives. Multiple systems of commissions. Quick access to page web.

Families and Articles. Alphanumeric codes of definable longitude. Codes of bars. Charts of equivalences among different codes of bars. Suppliers' codes. Rates. Prices IVA included for tickets. Parameters of sub-articles (Sizes and colors). Sections. Automatic and global modifications of sub-articles. Global listings of articles or detailed by sub-articles. Rates of special prices for suppliers, clients, articles or families. Masks, declaration of decimals to use, measures, classifications, locations, it indexes alternative, rates of prices, factors of prices, discounts, commissions, etc. automatic and on time real Upgrade of the stock and prices. Lists of prices. Increments of rates, lineal and percentage, automatic. You offer and promotions for terminal sale point. You offer type 3x2. Control of seasons. Utilities of season change. Discounts for season.
Selection of articles to send to module of virtual store.
Services. (Manpower, repairs, behaviors, etc.)

Trazability. Administration and control of in/out of system of obligatory trazability for the European Union.

Orders to suppliers. Reception control. Listings. Shipment possibility through e-mail.

Notes of receptions. Charts of double entrance for sub-articles. Entered by supplier's reference.

Visualization of last prices of purchase of articles. Warehouse movements. Transfers between the warehouses and/or the stores.

Purchase invoices. Connect accountants. Compressed or normal billing. Access to records of articles. Assignment of order number.

Budgets. Situation. Treatments of literal. Captures of previous budgets. Preselection to include the used actions.

Clients' orders. Classifications. Conversion to other documents. Upgrade of orders.

Valued invoices or without valuing. Captures of budgets. Access to clients' records and record. Works. Global repetition of invoices.

Direct billing (without previous invoice), unitary (with selection of a client's invoices) and global. Captures of budgets. Connect automatic accountants. Billing for works. Repetition and reprint of budgets, orders, invoices and invoices. Global repetition of invoices. Emission and reception of invoices rectificatives with different series.

Manual and automatic emission of receipts.

Emission of Tickets. Listings. Impression and reprint. Screen with finder. Automatic, semiautomatic sales or manuals. Two payment means for tickets. Sales in wait in tickets with identification for characteristic of the client. Optional screen of change. Automatic opening of the drawer of currencies. Finder of lines of prices. Profitabilities. Statistical monthly, for fringes horaries,... material Refunds. Purchase vouchers. Control of erroneous sale prices.

Emission of Tickets in tactile screen. Configurator of families and articles. Search of open tickets. Virtual keyboard in screen. Tickets collection. To duplicate tickets.

Boxes and groups of boxes. Listings. Box closing for groups of boxes.

Administration of tickets credits. Remote. Deliveries to bill. Back payments. Bigger than clients. Listings.

Means of payments (effective, checks, notes, credit cards,...). it Connects from tickets to box and payment operations. Tickets transfer to invoices. Box control with automatic feeding. Summaries. Listings and closings. Balances.

Expirations. Financing. Retentions.

Emission of receipts from wallet. Storage in magnetic support for bank entities. Impression of notes.

Complete treatment of the V.A.T. Books registration. Summaries. Collections and payments of invoices. Connect accountants. Classifications of the V.A.T. for groups and types.

Liquidation of commissions.

Texts for circular to clients, suppliers and agents.

Mailing. Labels of mail. Configuration and edition.

Impression of codes of bars in labels.

Optimizations and closings.

Setup for impression formats and listings. Previous visualization of impression formats. Export of documents to PDF files for shipment for e-mail.

Quick regeneration of files.

Autocheck of files.







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