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General Accounting software


Countable plan. Automatic generation. Access for codes or holding. Even. Adaptation to any plan. Modernizing of balances, emitted invoices and received. Setting of balances to automatic zero. Global changes of bills. Great variety of listings.

Diary Book. Square automatic. Connect with VAT (books registrations), Mayor and wallet. Automatic ordination for documents, dates and bills. Localization of notes for amounts or concepts. Modification and elimination of notes in an immediate way and in any moment of the countable exercise. Defaulted comments. Care negative. Explanations for each note. Internal and official listings. It includes newspaper contained at any level. Disbalance analysis. Option to force squares accountants for differences in roundings. Generator of defaulted seats. Transfers of notes. Copies of files of notes among different companies. Renumeratión of notes for signs and order.

Mayor book. Statistical. Crawl automatic in treatments among dates. Monthly classifications and trimestrals. Graphics.

Annual Count and balances between two dates any model's configurator of annual bills and balances declaration. Confirmation of supreme and balances and confirmation assistant. Automatic regularization of existences and products in course. Losses and comparative Earnings between two exercises. Analytic filters. Situation (assets and liabilities) comparative. Official reports. Simulations of closings per periods. Financing square and variation of the circulating capital. Edition and impression of the memory.

Close and automatic exercise opening. Investments of the closing.

Budgetary accounting. Increments of balances. Comparative analysis. Deviations.

Book registration of investment goods. Seats of paying-offs.

Commercial effects, wallet, banks. Treasury. Forecasts of collections and payments. Clients' risk and bank risk. Financial situation. Automatic generation and assets of effects and remittances. Listings of effects. Global elimination of effects. Renumeración of effects.

Books registration of Received invoices and Emitted. Results of the VAT. Summaries per periods. Classifications of closings per periods. Summary of operations with third. Listings. Collections and payments of invoices. Confirmation of invoices and newspaper.

Financial and economic Ratios. Ratios programming.

Consolidation of two or more companies.

External connections with other applications.







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